Website creation by Vendée Web Services

Vendée Web Services will create your website how you want it and how you need it.

Website creation is what we do and what we love here at Vendée Web Services!

Our sites are available from €500¹ (Yes, it is possible to get a web site at that price!) but the cost depends on what you need.

We will offer free purchase or transfer of your domain name (see this page to see conditions) for any subscription to one of our hosting packages. This applies only to the first year's fee, renewals are from €2.50 per year.

We can translate your site FOR FREE into French² even for a €500 site !

Which pages?

We will begin with your welcome page, your web site's window display.
Your site can have as many pages as you wish, for example,

  • Who are we? - A page to introduce yourself
  • Products and/or Services - One or more pages to show what you do
  • Contact - A page with your contact details and maybe a contact form
  • Price list - If you have a price list, it may be worth publishing it
  • Blog - If you regularly publish information, this is a necessary tool
  • Testimonies - Show that your customers are happy
  • Agenda / Calendar
  • Sign up form for your Newsletter
  • FAQs - If you have questions that keep getting asked, reply on your site rather than individually
  • Sitemap
  • Legal information (this may be a legal requirement)
  • Terms and conditions - a must for an e-commerce site

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¹A €500 site will only have one page with a maximum of 4 pictures, will have no video or sound clips.

²For more details about tranlation for your site click here. To see an example of a translated site, click here.