We host your site with a tailor-made package.

See the table below for an idea of cost and services.

Hosting PackageCommuneCantonArrondissment
Ideal for:starting out on the web
personal sites, and beginners
opening an online shop
companies, clubs, SMBs
large e-commerce sites
Domains¹1 free
up to 3 domains
1 free
up to 10 domains
1 free
unlimited domains
Email Accounts²3 personalised accounts10 personalised accountsunlimited accounts
Disk Space³5Gb15Gb100Gb
PriceFrom1,99€ per monthFrom 7,49€ per monthFrom 14,99€ per month

We offer free purchase or transfer of your domain name, this applies only to the first year’s fee. More info

²Email account with 5 Gb of storage. Max message size: 100 Mb

³Pour info, une page web moyenne utilise 100 Ko d’espace disque, 1 Go est donc suffisant pour 10 000 pages. Ceci n’inclut pas les fichiers en téléchargement et les photos et vidéos peuvent bouffer votre espace disque.

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