Site Management

If you are short of time to manage your site, we can keep it updated for you.

  • Do you have a new product to add to your online shop?
  • Do you have a photo (or several) that you would like uploaded to your site?
  • Do you have errors or display problems on your site?
  • Does any information need updating?

Concentrate on what you do and let us manage your site.

Management Package




On Demand

Included in the packageup to 5 modifications¹
per year.
up to 12 modifications¹
per year.
up to 3 modifications¹
per month
Modifications¹ on demand
limited to 5 per month

€6 per month

€16 per month

€40 per month

€20 per modification

¹One modification = one page/product added, deleted or modified.

Any modifications beyond package allowance will be billed at €25 per modification.

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