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Traduction de site internet en Vendée

Here at Vendée Web Services, we are your first port of call to translate your website in the Vendée.

Have you already tried to read a foreign website thinking to yourself that it makes no sense ? This is because most sites use an electronic translation service for their translation. I must admit that there has been a lot of progress with these automatic services compared to the past. But they still find it difficult to take the context and local expressions into consideration (not to mention atotal inability to pick out spelling mistakes!)


I recently uploaded a post to social media site in French. I very quickly received comments from English-speaking friends saying that I must have been drinking when I posted it!

Now, you will notice theabsence of capitals in the translation! Personally, I would never be satisfied with such a translation, even if I didn't understand the language. Amongst other things, the fact that the capitalisation has disappeared reduces the feelings expressed.

The result of a site being translated by automatic translation is often a great source of amusement for multilingual communities (as was the case of the above post). But did you know that visitors to these sites are statistically up to 72% less likely to trust the site.
Having grown up in a multicultural and multilingual environment, we can provide you with a professional website in two languages (English and French), or translate your existing site, to enable you to make the most ofthe international nature of the internet.

Here are two examples of sites translated by Vendée Web Services:

Translation of your website in the Vendée

We offer this service for free with any order for a new website or hosting package!

For any other translation request please contact us here. It's probably cheaper through us!

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