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Is your site legal?

Whether your site is a business site or a personal site, there are legal requirements so as to not break the law in France

Failing one of these requirements can lead to up to one year in prison, 75 000 € fine for the owner (if the owner is a person) and 375 000 € if the owner is a company.

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Is your site legal? In as little as 30 minutes on the internet, I came across over 25 sites that are not up to current legislation. Some of them had no Legal info ! Others had errors or broken links.

If you entrust the creation of your website to a Web development agency, you are not in the clear either! For it is the owner of the site and not the designer who is responsible.

In fact, over half of the 25 sites were designed by web "professionals"! Many agencies used pre-configured pages to save time on their clients sites. So we often find information that wasn't updated or that belongs on another site. After all, if it does go to court, it is the owner of the site and not the designer who is responsible for the content!

So, in order to avoid a fine that could reach 375 000 €, let us check your site.

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